Donating to Sunshine Housing Inc.

Donations are a fundamental way for us to meet our residents’ needs. From transportation to special needs equipment, donations help establish the quality of care that our residents deserve.

One Time Donations

One time donations can be made at any time during the year to help with costs associated with running the homes and programs for our residents.

Monthly Donations

Donations can be set up to automatically support our programs each month. Donors often prefer $25, $50, $100 or $250, but donations can be set up in any amount.

Donations Are Easy to Arrange

To make a donation arrangement contact Executive Director Jenn Rutka by phone 306 225-4477 or email at

All donations will receive a Donor/Tax Receipt when requested. Donations can be made in memory of someone special, in honour of an individual or just simply on behalf of yourself.

Fundraising initiative

What Your Donations Help Support

Sunshine Housing depends on donations to help provide the support our residents need each and every day. From transportation costs to daily activities and special events, every dollar donated goes a long way to support some amazing people.